Internet providers for a small business

So you may have seen recently that we’ve been offline for over a month. This was due to our internet provider at the time seriously letting us down. As you can imagine, we decided to switch providers.

I started to look for an internet provider that is cheap, fibre and has decent upload speed.

There are many providers out there for small businesses, so I am going to go through a few and see why we dicided on our new supplier.

British Telecom

I am not going to go into anything here. This internet provider was the reason we were offline for so long. I are not even going to look at the packages they offer.

Virgin Media

This is a serious candidate as according to the checks, we could of had a high speed line for a relativly decent price.

Virgin Media are one of the main stream UK communications providers alongside BT and TalkTalk.

As we were only just starting we looked at their VOOM FIBRE 1 package which offered 350mbps download speed, but only 7mbps upload speed. This was just £35/month.

As we were going to be starting to do more upload, 7mbps was just not enough for a studio that relys on upload for streaming to our broadcasting servers.

Their next package did double the upload speed, but at a cost that was out of our budget. Due to this I decided to look for antoher company.


This was another good condender, but due to personal differeneces in the way TalkTalk operate, I did not look into this further than looking at the packages they had on offer.


After looking around a few comparison websites, I came along bOnline. I had personally not heard of them before, but thought I would look into their packages non the less.

They have 3 main packages. Their cheapest at £16/month is unlimted and an exteemely good deal for small busniesses close to the exchange as this is only a copper line.

We are a little further away from the exchange than I would like to be. This meant that a copper connection was out of the question. Instead we looked into what fibre options they had on offer.

They have 2 packages, 38 and 76. After looking at both options I decided to go for their 76 package. It provided 76mbps download speed and 20mbps upload speed.

After looking around for various deals, we managed to get a discount for the first 12 months and a reduced connection fee.

If you are considering looking into this provider, I would highly recommend getting your own router. The one they provide is of poor quality and the wireless will continously drop out if you have more than 2 devices connected to it. This did not matter to us as we used it as a passthrough to our own networking equipment.

We pay about £35/month inc VAT for our connection and we have not had a problem with it since installtion.

An added bonus is that you can be given a static IP address which is free of charge. Extra IP’s will of course come at an added expense.

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